We provide you with US and UK addresses where your mail and packages will be received.

Now you can shop from any website and get discounts, using US & UK coupons, as if you lived in the states and UK.

With Post Shipper you will be able to receive shipments from websites or individuals.

Example of U.S. address

Your Name

Address Line 1: 109 Lukens Drive #XXXX
Address Line 2: Unit C
City: New Castle
Post Code: 19720
Telephone: +1-302-444-8144
Example of U.K. address

Your Name

Address Line 1: 5 Bude Business Centre #XXXX
Address Line 2: Kings Hill Industrial Estate
City: Bude
Post Code: EX23 8QN
Telephone: +44-7707-426006

Free Clear Images

Post Shipper will provide a photo and attach it to your account for each item you receive.

When the shipment arrives, Post Shipper will snap a picture for shipment and products for free.

Attach all the products and prices in your account to be able to ensure the products and the condition of your purchases.

Mobile Notifications

Post Shipper Mobile App Notifications will alert you when the following updates are made within your account. A shipment was received. Items were added, picture, a tracking number.

The Post Shipper mobile app will be available for the Apple & Android devices.

Through the application you will receive important alerts and updates:

  • The arrival of shipments.
  • Photos shipment and products
  • Shipments that are ready-to-send.
  • Track your shipments.


Postshipper will buy on your behalf from any US store that would not accept international credit card.

Free Storage

With Post Shipper account you can store each package free up to 60 days.

By keeping your shipments for up to 60 days, you have more flexibility to receive your multiple purchases in one order.

Post Shipper storage facilities are secure and employ a high level of expertise.

All products are stored in climate controlled warehouse.


We remove all unnecessary packaging and combine all your items in one delivery to lower your shipping cost.

Post Shipper will remove junk material (magazine, flyer, ... etc)

When you order from different locations, we will store them for you until you are ready.

Post Shipper saves on shipping cost by combining all your items in one delivery to you. Consolidating your orders with Post Shipper keeps money in your wallet.